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Using the Computer as an Auditing Tool
With rapidly developing electronic capabilities, many audit companies have abandoned traditional auditing methods and have turned to computer programs and queries to find errors.  The problem with this method is that developing operating systems eliminate many simple errors.  Our auditors also utilize programs and queries as tools for our auditors to recover more money.  However, we do not simply accept the "results" produced from computer generated reports.  We cross-reference many different electronic and paper files to provide complete backup documentation as support for our debits.  Our clients and the vendors appreciate the unabridged documentation when confirming the validity of our debits.

Complete In-House IT Department
Audit Recovery has a complete IT department that is fully-capable of importing data from any source our clients utilize, regardless of the size and complexity of the files.  Audit Recovery also requires all of our IT personnel to become proficient auditors because that knowledge greatly advances their capability to work with the auditors in developing programs and queries to advance each audit.  In addition, our IT professionals spend at least 20% of their time actually auditing.  This helps them to understand the nuances of each client, and keep up-to-date with developing industry standards.  Their knowledge of auditing gives them the ability to actually develop new ideas for programs and queries that our regular auditors might not even think possible - thereby generating yet another method for Audit Recovery to recover additional revenue for our clients.



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