An excellent way to judge the effectiveness of an audit group is to compare performances of the primary and secondary audits.  Often we begin our client relationships by conducting a secondary audit, with the results leading to Audit Recovery being designated the primary audit. 

A secondary audit by Audit Recovery would advance your audits in three ways: 

  1. Audit Recovery has never yielded less than 50% of a primary audit, and has yielded up to 300% of the primary audit, 
  2. the audit would prove as a test to determine the effectiveness of your current audits,  
  3. the findings from a secondary audit can provide valuable lessons to avoid losses going forward.  In all cases, our performance has justified our clients’ decisions to conduct a secondary audit with Audit Recovery.  With every secondary audit we have performed, our clients have switched Audit Recovery to the primary audit based on performance.

We achieve these results by providing the most thorough audit – searching through all electronic, paper and merchandising information to recover the most difficult to find errors.  With each audit, we provide the best audit and IT staff, the most up-to-date electronic technologies, and traditional paper auditing techniques.  Our Audit Managers take a hands-on approach:  auditing, managing, reviewing and searching for new areas of recoveries.  Since we specialize in retail and wholesale auditing only, we know exactly what debits your vendors will accept and we always maintain the highest collection rates.

We would be happy to provide you with client references to verify our superior audit performances. Please call 773.328.7151 or 888.304.2788 for a list of contacts that best match your audit criteria.

AR understands that we have a fiduciary responsibility to recover the greatest amount of money possible for each client - whether sales are $500M or $50B. We do not simply recover the easy money and move on to the next job. We select auditors who understand our responsibility, and they strive to recover every possible dollar, regardless of the difficulty in identifying the overpayments.

We do not make or apply new rules when performing audits. We simply make sure our clients received all monies that were due, following our clients' and their vendors' policies as well as industry standards. In addition, we make every effort to ensure that each debit is easy to read and understand so the vendors can easily approve them.
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