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We understand and value the importance of our clients’ time.  We tailor the amount of time our clients spend with each audit according to their wishes.  Some clients prefer minimal involvement, while other clients prefer a heightened role.

We Learn Your Operations, Independently
Prior to the start of the audit, the Audit Manager meets with the client for about an hour to discuss current policies, preferences and to answer any questions.  We efficiently conduct each audit, independently learning the accounting and procurement process as well as the IT systems.  About two weeks into the audit, the Audit Manager schedules a second one-hour meeting.  Issues such as debit types, claim formats and industry standards are addressed.  This will eliminate any potential problems with debits prior to their submission.

Aside from cutting electronic data and the couple one-hour audit meetings, the level of involvement from our clients is entirely their choice.  We tailor your involvement in the audit to your desire, and all of our new clients are impressed with our ability to independently acclimate ourselves with their systems, policies and procedures.  Audit Recovery selects auditors and IT professionals with an innate ability to independently piece together information to learn the unique intricacies of each client.

Established Audit Recovery Clients
As we uncover lost dollars, our existing clients continually refine their systems to avoid future losses.  At the same time, we are also refining our methods.  We search for new areas for recoveries due to changes in systems, procedures and personnel.  In addition, we continue to expand our audits to cover more areas of our clients’ operations.

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