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We Recover More Money
By combining the most sophisticated electronic technologies with traditional auditing techniques, our auditors continually maximize profits for our clients.  Nearly all debits we create are derived from integrating paper and electronic information from many different sources and files.  We perform numerous electronic queries linking many data sources, cross-referencing paper and electronic information, while auditing vendor-by-vendor to ensure that we have a full understanding of each vendor’s practices prior to submitting debits.  All debits are thoughtfully reviewed by an Audit Manager prior to their submission to the client.

Superior Auditors and IT Professionals
Our auditors are experienced and possess an innate ability to piece together information from numerous different sources to uncover lost funds that normally go undetected.  We select auditors and IT professionals who understand the importance of maintaining the highest collection rates because our goal is to recover the most money, while preserving our clients’ solid vendor relations.

Superior Audit Results
We perform both primary and secondary audits, but our performance on secondary audits best exemplifies our ability to recover the most money.  Since 1999, we have performed numerous secondary audits, recovering from 50% - 300% of the primary audits.



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