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Audit Recovery selects the most highly driven, self-motivated individuals to join our audit and IT teams.  Our auditors and IT personnel are lifelong, dedicated professionals who continually strive to recover the most money for our clients, while maintaining the highest collection rates.

Audit Recovery auditors combine information from numerous different electronic and paper files to recover the most money.  In addition, when producing debits, we audit vendor by vendor to gain a clear understanding of each vendor’s specific practices before producing debits.  Gaining a full understanding of each vendor’s practices increases our ability to reveal the most obscure overpayments and also ensures the accuracy of each debit we produce.

With advancing technologies, Audit Recovery has developed new methods of retrieving lost dollars through its IT applications.  The knowledge of our IT staff extends well beyond the understanding of clients systems and software.  They work side-by-side with our audit professionals to develop client-specific programs that increase the recoveries for each client.  Most other firms separate or contract out their IT departments leaving a gap between information that is used and that which is potentially available to enhance an audit.  Our IT professionals are trained to have a greater understanding of various industries and how auditors can best use all available data.



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