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Producing Accurate, Well-Substantiated Debits
We understand the importance of maintaining the solid vendor relations that our clients have spent years developing.  With this in mind, we provide ample documentation to support each debit; we NEVER produce debits based on speculation or probability.  Each debit is carefully prepared by an experienced, meticulous auditor, and reviewed by the Audit Manager before submission.

Retail & Wholesale Specialists
Since we are experts in retail & wholesale auditing, we know exactly what types of debits will be accepted by the vendors.  In some cases, we will recommend to our clients debit types that they are not pursuing.  It is important to keep in mind that industry standards are constantly changing, and some retailers & wholesalers are much more aggressive than others about claiming money due to them.  We have assisted many of our clients to become informed of changes within their industry so they can maximize profits going forward.

Courteous Correspondence with Your Vendors
All correspondence issues from vendors receive quick and attentive responses.  Since all debits are carefully written and reviewed, explaining their merits to our clients’ vendors is certain.  We consistently maintain the highest collection rates in the industry.  Our debits contain complete support documentation, and we take the time to amicably address all of your vendors’ concerns - usually within 24 hours.



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