Audit Recovery Searches Principally for Overpayments
Many of our clients have asked this question before hiring Audit Recovery.  When an A.P. clerk pays an invoice, that person is looking at only one transaction – in essence, a snapshot or partial story.  Audit Recovery gathers all information for a 1-4 year timeframe and examines the full story.  We compare paper & electronic receiving, payments, rebate, deal, merchandising and pricing information to view the full story and uncover overpayments that could not be detected otherwise.

Understanding Each Vendor’s Unique Procedures
As much as our clients attempt to streamline their operating procedures, it is impossible to streamline 100% of all transactions with every vendor.  Our auditors and IT professionals are specifically trained to grasp the full story of all communications, data and payments for each vendor.  When auditing each vendor, our goal is to understand all transactions in their entirety, and identify subtle overpayments that cannot be detected when analyzing a single transaction or a piece of the story.

Many of our clients have spent millions of dollars developing their operating systems. However, there are transactions that fall outside the parameters of every operating system. Our experienced auditors piece together electronic information from many different sources with all paper information available to recover money that falls outside the parameters of even the most sophisticated payables systems. As our clients continually refine their systems to close error types we uncover, we learn more about their systems and operations to uncover other error types.

We work with many excellent payables departments that catch a vast majority of potential overpayments before they occur. Our auditors are trained to hone in on the most obscure overpayment possibilities by gathering the full story of all transactions within each vendor's files. Even if the process is 99.9% accurate, the remaining .1% can add up to significant money.

In addition to regular merchandise transactions, Audit Recovery also examines expense vendors, freight & routing departments, lease transactions and DSD (direct-store deliveries).
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