We provide the most innately-talented, highly-qualified auditors and IT professionals for each of our clients. In addition, we continually upgrade our electronic hardware and software, creating the foundation for our audit staff to provide the highest level of service. We center our business practices on the goals outlined in our mission statement to ensure the success of every audit. By providing the most advanced technologies, the most talented IT and audit staff, and specializing in the retail & wholesale industries, we continually maximize recoveries and maintain the highest collection rates in the industry.
It is our mission to service each and every client to the highest level- where our primary audits make secondary audits unprofitable, where our secondary audits lead to primary audits - and every client feels completely satisfied with all aspects of our service.

A method of recovering lost dollars from erroneous overpayments and insufficient deductions while improving future payment performance.
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All payable departments center on electronic operating systems that are managed by individuals.  Our auditors uncover overpayments that fall outside the box of normal transactions.

Our auditors and IT professionals have extensive experience auditing retailers & wholesalers.  This knowledge enables them to search for the most concealed overpayments and underdeductions.
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